PVC Strip Curtains in Chennai

ATHENS is one of the significant companies in Chennai. It is worth visiting to get the deep knowledge about the company. This company consists experts, experienced and knowledgeable people to work with. We have qualitative materials which long lasts and satisfy the customers.

PVC Strip Curtains

Providing Innovative and Economical, Industrial and Domestic Workplace PVC Strip Curtain Solutions - Highest Quality Plasticisers, Fully REACH Compliant and Non Carcinogenic.We supply a range of Plastic Strip Door Curtains, Suspensions Systems, PVC Sheeting and Door Kits to suit a variety of industrial, warehouse and datacentre environments.Leveraging on the support of vendor base, we are able to provide our patrons with PVC Strip, which have good transparency. Our vendors manufacture these PVC strips by making use of quality approved raw material with the assistance of professionals. Post production, our vendors check PVC strips to ensure these are able to stop the loss of cold air and warm air effectively and halt the invasion of dust and ultraviolet. These PVC strips ensure the proper utilization of space by creating multi-functional compartments (operating field, offices and restrooms) without taking up any space.

  • Industrial PVC strip curtains

    industrial grade pvc strip curtains

    This Industrialgrade PVC strip curtains chennai is used in the Laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, operation theaters, Pharmatories and the companies which produce electronic gadgets. It prevents the dust that comes from outside. Therefore is called Anti Static PVC Strip Curtains....more

  • CoolerGrade PVC strip curtains

    cooler grade pvc strip curtains

    This Cooler Grade PVC strip curtains chennai has various names. Polar grade, freezer grade, cold room, cold storage, UDSA PVC, low temparature and refrigerator grade. It helps to preserve the food and eatable things in the cold room. The coolness lasts for long time....more

  • InsectAmber PVC strip curtains

    insect amber pvc strip curtains

    This Insect amber PVC strip curtains chennai is used in the companies where they manufacture eatable products. This PVC helps our to prevent flies, insects and birds inside. As a result we can manufacture hygienic eatable products. This PVC is a qualitative one....more

  • Transparent PVC strip curtains

    transparent pvc strip curtains

    The purpose of the Transparent PVC Strip Curtains chennai is to avoid dust that comes from outside of Company of Factories. It also helps to prevent the sun rays that affects the workers. It controls too much brightness. Pork lifts and workers not disturbed.This PVC is a Transparent one....more

  • Yellowcolor PVC strip curtains

    yellow colour pvc strip curtains

    Yellow PVC provides an alternative to our Red and Blue PVC for highlighting obstructions and areas of concern. Also used in area cordoning and in non industrial applications are pleasing alternatives are required.This PVC is a Yellowcoloured one....more

  • Weldingbooth PVC strip curtain

    welding booth pvc strip curtains

    Welding booth PVC strip curtains are designated areas that are sectioned off for work processed like welding, grinding, blasting or any other harmful work process.weld booth curtains capable to free-standing.This PVC is a Yellowcoloured one....more

  • Air curtains Chennai

    Air curtains Chennai

    We provide on time installation to your exact location according to your requirement. ATHENS Air Curtains widely used in Hospitals, Industrial Areas, Commercials places, Office, shops, kitchen, hall, room entrances.....more

  • Coldroom PVC strip curtains

    cold room pvc strip curtains

    Athens india make the cold storage pvc strip curtains and that makes temperature controlled by using different type of Coldroom pvc strip curtains.Cold storage pvc strip curtains chennai in construction of temperature cold storage resistant....more